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Digital Banking
‍Built for Ecommerce

- Get a business bank account that fuels your growth.
- Track Shopify Store Stats, Bank Accounts, Payment Processors, Ad Performance in one place.
- Receive 1% CASHBACK on all your ad spend.

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Revolutionizing Banking for Ecommerce

Track Everything in One Place

Seamlessly integrated with your existing bank accounts, payment providers, ad platforms, accounting softwares and etc.

1% CashBack

Spending a lot on ads and still not getting rewarded? Use ARTOH debit card and receive 1% CashBack on all your spend.

Easily Manage Your Cash Flow

Get real-time updates on your sales, new payment, payout and scheduled payout.

Store Analytics

Analyze acquisition channels, store performance, and audience metrics — all in one application.

Business card designed for Ecommerce

Charge all business expenses to the ARTOH card, and get 1% cash back on all your spend.

See your entire business in one dashboard

Seamlessly integrated with your favorite tools. Track everything that matters in one place.
  • Bank accounts, Payment providers
  • Ad platforms
  • Accounting softwares and etc.

Live Data Feed from Your Existing Tools

Seamlessly Integrated

Easily integrate with your favorite tools and get a clear picture of your business.

Key Metrics at a Glance

View your store's key metrics from different channels in one dashboard and get clear where your money is going.

Maximize ROI

Stay in control of your business data and make informed decisions to maximize your ROI.

Key metrics at a glance

Take control of operations and get a 360-degree overview of your business performance in real-time.

Get clear visibility of your ad performance

Compare stats of each marketing channel in an intuitive dashboard.


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